Holder bonus

After 15 days the withdrawal will be 0%, if you keep your tokens unclaimed and keep hunting, you will get a series of random advantages every 3 days...
With the claim, all bonuses will be lost.
Oak Amulet
+1% of life in all packs
Grace of the Ancestors
Wolves lvl 3 gain +2% attack
Legendary Amulet
Wolves gain +1% attack
Fenrir Reliquary
Energy will cost you 3% less
All packs acquire 5% of shielding
Fire Amulet
Fire wolves gain +3% of attack
Neptune's Trident
Water wolves gain +2% of life
Thor's Hammer
Lightning wolves recover 2% of life every 24h.
Life Stealing Amulet
If your hunt is successful, you regain 1% of life
Full Moon Amulet
You recover 10% of life in all your herds when the moon is full.
Romulus and Remus Talisman
All wolves gain 1% of attack, against animals over lvl 11.
Fortune Ring
You get 2% of loot when you hunt
Wish Granted
You can bring a herd back to life without using a revival potion (cooldown 30 days). You will be able to heal a herd at 100% (cooldown of 30 days).
Promise of Anubis
You will be able to heal a herd at 100% (cooldown of 30 days).