The year 2021


Game idea development ✅
Game's economy development ✅
Basis development (Box dropping, caves, wolfs) ✅
Investor's private pre-sale ✅
Landing and announcement of private pre-sale to users ✅
Discord, Twitter y and social media launch ✅
Marketing (first phase) (<5%)
Game Launch ( First Beta Version: Caves, wolfs, box dropping mechanisms, hunting activities) December 2021 - January 2022 ✅

The year 2022


$CWOLF public sale on pancakeswap ✅
Game launch Official ✅
Multi-box dropping system (possibility to buy more than 1 box per purchase) ✅
Advance marketing campaign (< 25%) (influencers, youtubers, newspaper)
System of breeding.
Breeding activities (possibility of creating new wolves)
Multi wolf pack hunting


Stake pool with $CWOLF ✅


Wolf pack fight among users
Unlock New wolf races
Unlock of fight's tool equipments for wolf pack
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